Custom Art & Pet Portraits

Custom Artwork

Pet Portraits

Individual pet portrait rate is $195.00 (+shipping)
16"x 20" Gallery wrapped canvas + A digital file for social sharing.
additional prints and sizes can be ordered.

All of my pet portraits are hand painted using digital brushes.
They are not computer generated.
Using digital tools, including a stylus, I apply the same techniques as I would painting on canvas.
Colors are chosen and mixed and individual brush strokes are made.
This is why you may find brush strokes and slight imperfections in my work,
just as you would with oils or acrylics. - It's a good thing. 😊
That's what make each portrait as unique as your pet.


Personalized Portraits and Compositions

Bouquets & Florals

Individual Composition rate is $95.00
Digital File (to print as you wish). Provided as a high quality jpg (3672 x4896px 350dpi)
Print sizes as large as 36" x 48" can be printed on any medium:
Posters, canvas, glass or matte prints, fabrics or housewares.

Please contact me for rates on canvas or framed prints.

Each portrait or composition, crafted from your photo or selection of photos,
will be carefully composed with attention to detail resulting in an original,
stunning, memorable or even funny work of art!

I will work with furbabies, feathered friends, people, flowers, farm animals, cats, dogs, birds,
horses, chickens, pigs, wildlife, landscapes and
even cars, trucks, motorcycles, cottages, homes or whatever you love.
I can unite all your pets (past and/or present) into one beautiful memory photo.

I can create a beautiful painting of your home, cottage or cabin,
give you some crazy tattoos or create colorful posters of your automobiles.
Once complete, you will have a high quality digital file
to reprint as you choose using local and/or online printing sources.

You can have your newly enhanced photo printed on
archival quality paper that will last at least 100 years,
on canvas, metal or even on gifts such as greeting cards, cups,
housewares and apparel to share with your family and friends.

"Fluffy Devines" Composition

How much do your services cost?

Every custom art piece is as different and unique as the subjects themselves.
We will discuss your vision for your custom portrait,
after which I will provide an accurate quote.
The starting rate is $75 for compositions and $195 for freehand portraits.
I will work with you and I want you to be delighted with the results.
We will work together to produce a custom one of a kind
piece that that makes you happy.

Please contact me for more details.

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