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Growing up in Newfoundland I was surrounded by rugged coastlines
dotted with tiny homes painted in the most eye-catching colours.
 Large families were often raised in these compact homes
with great pride taken in their individuality.

Inspired by Newfoundland folk architecture, I have married the historic charm
of these tiny colourful Newfoundland homes, with fresh contemporary interiors,
in this selection of unique home designs called
"Colorful Coastal Series".

These homes offer clean lines and practical designs that are
uncomplicated and economical to build.
 The small footprints make them perfect for those seeking an
environmentally friendly and low-impact home.

Even the two story designs have age-in-place features such as 
main floor flex rooms that can easily be converted to main floor bedrooms.

All of my artistic designs are meticulously planned to
maximize usable space and offer unique features
often found in larger homes - such as multiple bathrooms,
open concept kitchens and practical mudrooms.

Unique House Plan
Hillside Houseplan
"Solar Views"
I typically design small footprint homes for the rugged east coast landscape. 
This one is quite a bit larger than I would normally design but still has a fairly 
small footprint only 20 feet deep.
In a cold climate it's always best to take advantage of the southern exposure, 
what do you do if you have a shallow hillside lot with a stunning ocean view to the north? 
This design was created for a challenging shallow depth, 
steep sloping lot with a river bank buffer to the west and a northern ocean view. 
Double glazed fixed windows on the north allows for the southern roof slope 
to utilize a massive bank of solar panels to take advantage 
of all aspects of the home and lot.

See The 3D Rendering:
ArtByJudieAnn Designs

Contracting, Building Biology & Ecological Landscape 

Building your own home is quite possibly the most exciting, intimidating
and rewarding endeavor for anyone to undertake.

It all starts with skilled planning. 
I am here to help you get off to a perfect start!
We will work together to find the perfect home that 
will fit your budget and holistic lifestyle.

I have researched healthy home building materials, 
designed and built several healthy homes
and can assist you in choosing the healthiest materials for your home. 
Choosing non toxic and natural building materials in your new home 
or renovation will improve your indoor air quality 
for a happier healthier living experience.

I will help you choose the best environmentally friendly, 
healthy, voc-free and non-toxic building products for your living space.

Proudly Certified By 
The Canadian Wildlife Federation!
I am also skilled in organic & ecological landscape design. 
Landscapes that work with nature, are cost efficient and low maintenance. 
I can help you create the best layout for your hard-scaping, 
select inexpensive native plants, choose hardy varieties of edibles 
and help you to work with the land and nature to 
create a beautiful landscape for all. 

Many people think that creating a beautiful garden starts with a grass lawn 
and a visit to a garden center for imported nursery plants. 
Truth be told . . . our native trees, shrubs, flowers & berries when paired with 
thoughtful design offers a beautiful, low-maintenance and eco-friendly landscape.

Local native plants and shrubbery are not only beautiful, 
they provide much needed food and habitat for nature’s little friends. . . 
they are also more lush, hardier and much easier to maintain. 
No need for constant tending, fertilizing, mowing and worrying
about drought and frost - Because they like to grow here.

Several years ago the Town presented us with an award for the prettiest garden, 
and I’m especially proud of our little half-acre having recently been 
certified as Wildlife-friendly Habitat by the Canadian Wildlife Federation
This means that our outdoor space is not only beautiful, it also meets the needs of our wildlife 
and pollinators by using earth-friendly...and people friendly...gardening methods.

If you would like more information on how we as a community can create beautiful gardens 
that increase property value, require less maintenance 
and create healthy spaces for everyone,

I would be more than happy to help you grow & nurture your own oasis 
which is pollinator friendly, pesticide-free and peaceful.

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