House Plans

Artistic Architectural Designs
Not too tiny, affordable and compact, 
yet livable home designs and out buildings

We purchased our first home when I was just 19 years old, I started right in at renovations. 
Over the next 24 years, I've designed, drafted and built several homes 
and helped others build their small dreams.

I specialize in unique small footprint home designs that eliminate wasted space,
are cost efficient to build yet have a feeling of luxury.
All my compact home designs have a spacious feel. 
Not too tiny, affordable and compact, yet livable homes with no wasted space
and plenty of storage and amenities such as
closets, pantries, food prep space and mudrooms
necessary for homestead living.

Many of my designs are inspired by simple historic homes when
people raised entire families in a humble yet charming space.
I blend the old with the new in my home designs, inspired by
historic Newfoundland architecture with modernized interior
floor plans and period details that will give
your new home a traditional and inviting feel.

Squires Cottage Home Design
Unique House Plans
Plan includes 12 pages: 
All Elevations (Front, Left, Right, Rear) 
All Floors (Basement, Main & Loft) 
Basic Details 
Window/Door Schedule 
Kitchen Details 
Worksheet & Storyboard
Also Included: 
Plan Description 
Printing Instructions 
Free Building Timeline Checklist

Contracting, Building Biology & Ecological Landscape 

Building your own home is quite possibly the most exciting, intimidating
and rewarding endeavor for anyone to undertake.
 It all starts with skilled planning.
 I am here to help you get off to a perfect start!
 We will work together to find the perfect home
that will fit your budget and holistic lifestyle.

I have researched healthy home building materials,
designed and built several healthy homes
and can assist you in choosing the healthiest materials for your home.
 Choosing non toxic and natural building materials in your new home or renovation
will improve your indoor air quality for a happier healthier living experience.

I will help you choose the best environmentally friendly,
healthy, voc-free and non-toxic building products for your living space.

I am also skilled in organic & ecological landscape design.
 Landscapes that work with nature, are cost efficient and low maintenance.
 I can help you create the best layout for your hard-scaping, select inexpensive native plants,
choose hardy varieties of edibles and help you to work with the land and nature
to create a beautiful landscape for all.
 I will help you grow & nurture your own oasis
which is pollinator friendly, pesticide-free and peaceful.