Artist Judie JudieAnn


JudieAnn is best known for her love of birds, blossoms & botany and her passion for gardening, architecture, photography & art, homesteading, wildcrafting, healthy living and all things vintage.

Having a passion for art at a very young age she spent most of her spare time drawing and painting.

As art came naturally to her she won local, provincial and national contests and competitions.

In her 20's she developed environmental illness & hypersensitivities after an injury and being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which severely impacted her creativity with traditional art supplies because of the negative reactions she would have to the synthetic ingredients in most mediums. ​

After spending many years as a healthy lifestyle blogger and creating her urban organic homestead, JudieAnn decided it was time to go back to her true passion of creativity and design. She turned to nature and technology.

As a result of her health challenges, JudieAnn works inside her healthy home, or in the clean surroundings of nature along the rugged coastline on the island of Newfoundland.

I enjoy the freedom and compact size of a point & shoot camera, all of my photography is taken with a regular compact camera, you don't need professional equipment to capture the beauty of nature, you just need a good angle and a great eye.

She is delighted to have found alternative ways to be creative through digital art and photography.

'I don't consider myself as having a disability; 
But rather, I have conditional abilities'