Kitchuses Cat House Historic Home Design

Kitchuses Cat House
Rehsoric Designs #2
Falling in love with historic homes Is heartbreaking when we see them fall to the ground.
Often times this is the case in rural Newfoundland, while some are lucky enough to be saved
through restoration, some never make it through that last heavy snowfall.

Watching this happen over the years has inspired me to create replica designs
of some of the charming historic homes in our province so they won't be lost in time.
Everyone wants a unique home design, a home that feels like home to them,
sometimes there's no need for something new, something old feels much more nostalgic,
homey and fits with the landscape in Newfoundland.

With a play on the words historic, restore and replica,
I'll call this series Rehstoric Designs.
The second in this series of home designs, I've taken inspiration from the photos
to replicate the exterior of one of our historic home styles - the saltbox located in
Kitchuses, Conception Harbour, Newfoundland.
A dreamy little saltbox cottage with garden filled with apple trees & kitty cats.
She now has a forever home :)

This is a photo I captured of the property in the summer of 2022:
I've created a more modern open floorplan but with lots of
historical charm and modern amenities.
Design includes 7 pages:
All Elevations (Front, Left, Right, Rear)
All Floors (Optional Basement, Main & Second Story)
3D renderings
Also Included:
Printing Instructions

Design is provided in printable PDF format,
you can print as many copies as you need for your project.
Price: $199.00