Photo Restorations

Vintage Photo Restoration

Digital Restoration, Retouching and Repainting

As a Newfoundland artist, photographer and designer I have a deep appreciation for all things vintage.

One of my favorite hobbies is the art of digital photo restoration. It's a lovely feeling to take an old photo and give it new life, preserving our history for future generations.

As time passes old photographs can deteriorate causing fading, speckling, cracking and creasing. Modern prints are much better quality than in the past.

Digital technology and a keen eye allow me to repair damaged photographs without ever altering your original photo, so you can keep it in a safe place.

As a photo restoration and retouching artist I can revitalize your vintage photos by repairing cracks and spots, removing scratches and replacing missing or damaged areas of the photo.

I use digital technology and my artistic skills to correct flaws in vintage photographs bringing your treasured memories back to life.

When finished you will have a high quality digital file to reprint as you choose using local and/or online printing sources.

There are many printing choices available both locally and online, with your digital copy, you can have your newly enhanced photo printed on archival quality paper that will last at least 100 years, on canvas, metal or on gifts such as greeting cards, cups, housewares and apparel to share with your family and friends.

Digital restoration of minor to severely damaged photographs can include:

Brightening of faded images;
Stain removal;
Repairing torn and cracked photos;
Water damage repair;
Artistic repainting of missing sections;
Photo enhancement;
Color correction;
Adding text

How much do your services cost?

Every restoration is as different and unique as the photograph itself. Before I give you a quote you must first provide me with a quality digital copy of the image for evaluation.

After my initial review we will discuss your vision for the final product. At that time I will provide a quote to digitally restore your treasured image.

I will work with you and I want you to be happy with the results. Some people prefer their photo look crisp and modern, while others prefer the photo retain a few little imperfections so it will look more authentic.

We will work together to produce a restoration that you can treasure for years to come.

Digital Restoration Of A Painting

Digital restoration included brightening, re-painting and
painting a matching edge extension for gallery wrapping.
Now the client can have a digital file of their treasured family
painting printed on any medium including canvas up to 36" x 48".

              Photo Restorations

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